Eiles & Brittany Hunt Principal/Director & Licensed Real Estate Agents
Brittany Hunt Director
Eiles Hunt Owner/Principal
Carrie Stevenson Operations Manager
Alicia Nemeth Head of Property Management
Morgan McNamara Contracts & Finance Administrator
Brittany Hunt Director
Eiles Hunt Owner/Principal
Cassie Wilson Marketing Manager
Halina Neal Licensed Real Estate Professional
Henry Wong Licensed Real Estate Agent
Jessie Shen Licensed Real Estate Agent
John Hunt Sales Associate
Lani Tulisi Assistant to Hunt Property Sisters
Mark Coleman Team Licensed Sales Agent
Olivia Walker Personal Assistant to The Hunt Property Sisters
Nadine Nobile Sales and Marketing Consultant
Nadir Rezai Sales Consultant
Narnea Dowell Sales Specialist
Natalia Blewett Licensed Sales Agent
Natalie Maggs Licensed Sales Specialist
Niki Blenkins Sales Consultant to Hunt Property Sisters
Orlando Heart Sales Specialist
Ric Boulter Licensed Sales Agent
Alicia Nemeth Head of Property Management
Donna Starkins Senior Property Manager & Head of Training and Development
Stephanie Lelliott Head of Client Services & Engagement
Charlotte Conroy Investment Specialist
Denise Smith Senior Property Manager
Jai-leen Baldwin Property Manager
Natalie Fortes-Benedict Property Manager
Rochelle Atkins Leasing Manager
Shahney Collins Business Development Manager
Alexis Groves-Te Hau Office Administrator